Custom Commercial Property
design and services


Plymouth Nursery and Landscape Company offers complete installation and maintenance services for your commercial property:

  • Weekly mowing of turf
  • Seasonal flower displays
  • Sprinkler systems to automatically irrigate your valuable investment
  • Bed maintenance such as mulching and weed prevention
  • Complete, balanced fertilization program for turf.
  • Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M) programs for trees and shrubs. This program is an effective and economical way to treat insects and diseases on plants. Instead of applying chemicals to all of the plants on the entire site, the particular plants that are infected are identified and receive treatment. (I.P.M) is much safer for the environment and prevents the application of chemicals needlessly.

24 Hour Snow and Ice Removal Services:

  • Plowing of all parking lots and driveways
  • Removal of snow from site (if necessary and or requested)
  • Snow Removal from all sidewalks and pedestrian areas
  • Salt applications to driveways and parking areas
  • Less corrosive products such as Magnesium and Calcium applied to all concrete surfaces

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